Episode 1 – Demystifying the Online Harms Bill

Episode 1 – Demystifying the Online Harms Bill
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Episode 1 – Demystifying the Online Harms Bill

Oct 25 2021 | 00:26:01

Episode 1 October 25, 2021 00:26:01

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Lizzie Williams

Show Notes

Demystifying the Online Harms Bill’ is the first episode in our Digital Download series.

In this series we discuss topical issues in the digital and tech world and give you our expert views on the legal issues they give rise to. In episode one Lizzie Williams picks Amy Bradbury and Hugo Tyrrell’s brains on the long awaited Online Harms Bill:

Q1 What is the genesis of the Bill and what has sparked the move to protect against online harms?

Q2 The Bill has had quite a long history already. When is it expected to actually come into force?

Q3 What does the Bill cover and how will it operate?

Q4 How will the Bill deal with misinformation and disinformation?

Q5 What does this Bill mean in practice for social media platforms?

Q6 How has the Bill been received?


  • Lizzie Williams – Lizzie Williams is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Group at Harbottle & Lewis. She advises on corporate, commercial and individual disputes, with a focus on disputes in the technology, media and entertainment sectors. Lizzie has a particular interest in disputes relating to innovative technologies and digital transformation.


  • Amy Bradbury – Amy Bradbury is a Senior Associate in the Media and Information Group at Harbottle & Lewis. She specialises in the protection and exploitation of information and advises on all legal areas relating to reputation management including defamation, privacy, breach of confidence, data protection, freedom of information and harassment.

  • Hugo Tyrrell – Hugo Tyrrell is an Associate in the Media and Information Group. He specialises in defamation, data protection, confidentiality, and privacy issues, and advises on media and information related claims for a broad range of clients.

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