Episode 2 - Navigating the world of NFTs

Episode 2 - Navigating the world of NFTs
Digital Download
Episode 2 - Navigating the world of NFTs

Nov 09 2021 | 00:17:34

Episode 2 November 09, 2021 00:17:34

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Lizzie Williams

Show Notes

Navigating the world of NFTs’ is the second episode in our Digital Download series.

In this series we discuss topical issues in the digital and tech world and give you our expert views on the legal issues they give rise to. In episode two Lizzie Williams discusses all things NFTs with Kostyantyn Lobov and Caitlin McGivern.

Q1 What are you purchasing when you buy an NFT?

Q2 What sort of copyright issues arise with NFTs?

Q3 How do you prevent your digital asset from being exploited in ways you do not want?

Q4 Smart contracts vs traditional contracts – how do they compare?

Q5 How do you verify that you have the necessary rights to sell via an NFT?

Q6 What sort of disputes might arise with NFTs?

Q7 Is greater legal regulation of NFTs likely any time soon?

Q8 What are three key points to consider when monetising digital assets via NFTs?


  • Lizzie Williams – Lizzie Williams is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Group at Harbottle & Lewis. She advises on corporate, commercial and individual disputes, with a focus on disputes in the technology, media and entertainment sectors. Lizzie has a particular interest in disputes relating to innovative technologies and digital transformation.


  • Kostyantyn Lobov – Kostyantyn (@LawyerKostya) co-heads the firm’s Interactive Entertainment Group and advises on all aspects of Intellectual Property, Advertising and Regulatory issues. His wider client base includes brand owners, production companies and various members of the tech and creative industries.

  • Caitlin McGivern – Caitlin advises media and entertainment clients on development, production and rights exploitation in the film, television and theatre industries. She acts for a range of clients including production companies (from small UK producers to major US studios), rights-holders, agencies and individual writers, directors and producers.

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