Episode 5 – Succession and digital assets

Episode 5 – Succession and digital assets
Digital Download
Episode 5 – Succession and digital assets

Jan 26 2022 | 00:15:18

Episode 5 January 26, 2022 00:15:18

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Lizzie Williams

Show Notes

Succession and digital assets’ is the fifth episode in our Digital Download series.

In this series we discuss topical issues in the digital and tech world and give you our expert views on the legal issues they give rise to. In episode five Lizzie Williams discusses the knotty issue of what happens to digital assets like cryptocurrency, as well as social media accounts and intellectual property, on death with Andrew (Andy) Reay and May Delaney.

Q1 What happens in relation to your ownership of copyrights and other IP rights on death? How do you make sure that these are dealt with appropriately?

Q2 How can I ensure that my family can deal with my social media accounts after my death?

Q3 Is our current wills and probate system able to deal with cryptocurrency and other crypto assets like NFTs? How do my executors access my private key and crypto wallet?

Q4 How do I make inheriting crypto assets as straightforward as possible?

Q5 What three key pieces of advice would you give to someone wanting to ensure that their digital wealth and assets are inherited properly?


  • Lizzie Williams – Lizzie Williams is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Group at Harbottle & Lewis. She advises on corporate, commercial and individual disputes, with a focus on disputes in the technology, media and entertainment sectors. Lizzie has a particular interest in disputes relating to innovative technologies and digital transformation.


  • Andrew Reay – Andrew Reay is the Probate Manager in the Private Client Group at Harbottle & Lewis. He specialises in complex and high value succession matters. He typically advises individuals, corporate trustees and charities in their capacity as Personal Representatives or beneficiaries of Estates which have international elements or which have been contested. He also advises on ‘post-death law,’ generally, including what happens to rights of action or contractual obligations after someone passes away.
  • May Delaney – May Delaney is an Associate in the Private Client Group at Harbottle & Lewis who advises UK and international individuals and their families on the management of their personal affairs, and the preservation and transfer of family wealth. She specialises in advising “next generation” clients on the receipt of wealth. Her work includes Wills, succession planning and capital tax advice.

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