Episode 7 – Impact of the Digital Economy on Film & TV

Episode 7 – Impact of the Digital Economy on Film & TV
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Episode 7 – Impact of the Digital Economy on Film & TV

Jun 29 2022 | 00:20:04

Episode 2 June 29, 2022 00:20:04

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Lizzie Williams

Show Notes

‘Impact of the Digital Economy on Film & TV’ is the seventh episode in our Digital Download series.

In this series we discuss topical issues in the digital and tech world and give you our expert views on the legal issues they give rise to. In episode seven Lizzie Williams chats to Gary Ashford and Catherine Flood about shifts in the digital economy as a result of the pandemic and the general trend towards digitalisation, with a focus on the film and TV industries.

Q1 What influence has the pandemic had on the shift towards on demand streaming? How has this impacted the film and TV industries?

Q2 Has digitalisation had an effect on the type of content being produced?

Q3 What impact has digitalisation had on the revenue streams for film and TV?

Q4 What impact have these shifts had on contractual arrangements and negotiating positions?

Q5 What impact do these changes have on the film and TV industries when it comes to taxation? How do we ensure taxation is being applied across the world in a sensible way without inhibiting the development of new ways of business?

Q6 What are the three key things global streaming platforms should be thinking about when it comes to taxation of their services?


  • Lizzie Williams – Lizzie Williams is a Senior Associate in the Dispute Resolution Group at Harbottle & Lewis. She advises on corporate, commercial and individual disputes, with a focus on disputes in the technology, media and entertainment sectors. Lizzie has a particular interest in disputes relating to innovative technologies and digital transformation.


  • Gary Ashford – Gary is a well-known international tax partner, with particular expertise in contentious tax matters. He is the foremost crypto tax expert in the UK and is often called on by other firms to provide his technical expertise on crypto matters. Gary sits on HMRC’s Crypto Advisory Group where he is helping to devise the tax rules around crypto in the UK. He is also leading on associated areas, such as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and DeFI (Decentralised Finance).

    Gary has particular expertise in complex structures, including trusts and funds both in the UK and overseas, and supports non domicile and international clients in identifying areas of risk in their tax affairs. He also advises private clients, trusts and corporate clients on a range of complex tax issues such as restructuring, residence, non domicile/remittances, transfer pricing matters, employment and property tax and various other matters including VAT.

  • Catherine Flood – Catherine advises a broad range of corporate clients within the technology, media and entertainment industries, with a particular focus on film, television and theatre. She has experience of commercial and intellectual property issues connected with the development, financing, production and exploitation of feature films, television programmes and other content across both traditional and new media platforms. She works with a broad range of clients, from individual rights holders to UK-based producers, US studios and SVOD providers.

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